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As of 31st May 2024 we will no longer offer season passes unless you live or work in either Clifford or Whitney-on-Wye. We will continue to honour ALL existing Season passes as long as they continue to be fully paid up by their due date. Lapsing seasons passes will not be renewed unless the vehicle is registered at an address in Clifford or Whitney-on-Wye or a person driving a vehicle is employed in Clifford or Whitney-on-Wye. Please contact For all other regular Bridge users please condsidering purchasing a Bulk Crossing ticket.


Later in 2024 we will be updating how our bulk crossing tickets work.


Firstly, we are conscious of the fact that each of these tickets are paper and we as a family are actively finding way to be more environmentally friendly, so we would like to remove the need for paper products.


Secondly because they are thermal printed tickets they fade, especially in the warmer months, which means that if the barrier does not work and your ticket is faded you won't be able to open the barrier.

Fobs and Cards

We will be moving our multi ticket customers to a keyfob or card. This will alleviate the need for paper tickets. These will be approximately £5-£10 each (or to replace if lost).  However, they should last a life time.  If  you move and no longer need the fob/card as long as it is working and not damaged will refund what you paid, and refund tokens at price you paid, less a small admin fee. 

Online Access

You will also be able to access your information online to find your balance of 'crossings' available. You will also be able to update your vehicle registrations, add household members even yours guests. 

Oopsy - lost my fob

We have those moments. Jump online and deactivate that fob. Anyone who finds it and trie3s to use it won't be able to so your credit will be safe. If someone was silly enought to use it, we will know, as their vehicle registration won't be on your account, so with cctv evidence the constabulary will be paying them a visit! 

We are the processing of making this happen and we will give plenty of advanced warning. 

LATEST UPDATE - 06/05/24

A message from Rob the Manager for all Season Pass and Bulk Crossing Ticket Holders ( formerly tokens).

For our current Season Pass holders please note we had to wait for the kiosk to be back to be able to invoice for our 24/25 season. All passes have been extended until 16/5/24 to allow for the ANPR to work and time to invoice and for folks to pay.


For BOTH season pass and 'multi crossing' ticket holders, if you arrive at the barrier and it doesn't open for you, please either touch and hold your season pass RFID card at the top right of the kiosk, wait for the beep confirmation, for the barrier to open. For multi crossing ticket holders insert your ticket into the machine in the slot with the bar code pointing towards the sky, leave in until you hear a beep. If the barrier does NOT open for your season pass or ticket there will be an error message on the screen. Please take note of the error message and let us know and we will sort it out for you. At the barrier you then have two options,

- either pay a pound keep the ticket, let us know what the error was, and we will refund the pound to you,


-Or call the number on the kiosk 07888 865578 and we can remotely let you through.

Why isn't my number plate recognised?

Occasionally the ANPR camera may go out of focus, this is usually because one of our 8 legged friends decided to build a home in front of the lens, or there has been rain or pollen or dust. Sometimes, the system has monday-itis, it just wasn't quick enough to read your plate, it just does that! Other times, it could be dirt on the number plate that has obscured the plate, or the vehicle approached too fast. Whatever the problem, within a minute or two at most, pretty much most things can be sorted quickly. Yes it can be frustrating when things don't work, but please do be patient, hanging on the horn, or yelling at the Casa Bianca kitchen staff 🤬 unless you are ordering pizza they can't help you. Myself, Sarah, and Peter are on site every day and that mobile number rings us all, so it will get answered at it will get sorted. Thanks in advance!


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