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Whilst the Toll Bridge and onramps are privately owned, they are covered by the Highways code as the B4350 connects to the A438. Therefore, Traffic lights and other Highway signage is enforced under the code. This includes obeying Traffic light Signals, weight limits and speed signage. 


The following are the specific road rules when using the Whitney-on-Wye Toll Bridge.










Under the Act of Parliament 1797 as shown above, a Penalty of 20 shillings is payable for avoidance of payment of toll charges. In today’s money this is equates to in excess of £100.00. 

The present level of Penalty has been set at £50 for any offence related to toll fee avoidance. This includes tail gating, passing daily tickets, interfering with Automated Booths, interference or forcing the barrier,  using incorrect or foreign coins, and or pass card sharing. The Penalty will be issued to both the people passing on and those receiving.  


Fee Avoidance

All toll fees are used to maintain, insure and operate Whitney Toll Bridge – if fees are avoided and not paid, the sustainability of Whitney Toll Bridge is in jeopardy and could possibly lead to the closure of the Toll Bridge. This would then cause the local people and business community a serious problem in their day to day functions. 


If the automatic barrier is damaged or to avoid payment of a toll charge, the Penalty will be in addition to barrier repair costs which at present are approximately £349. 


We have CCTV in operation images are stored and recorded in accordance with GDPR requirements for the safety and security of the Toll Bridge and adjoining premises. Since 2012 we have only had a few incidences of an intentional broken barrier and other equipment. This has then been pursued by the police with the CCTV evidence and successfully prosecuted.


Unfortunately, there are occasions when drivers cross Whitney Bridge from Hay-on-Wye without the means of payment. There are warning signs 4 miles, 1.5 miles and directly at the entrance to Whitney Bridge informing all drivers of the cost of the Toll crossing. We can now accept credit and debit card. If the driver has no means of payment we will agree for payment to be made within 24 hours to avoid delays for other Bridge users.


Overweight Vehicles

Whitney Bridge has a 7.5 tonnes weight limit. 

There are fines for crossing Whitney Bridge in a vehicle over the weight limit. 


Fines for vehicles breaching the overweight limits:





Penalties are payable immediately on presentation of invoice. Late payment charged at £10 per day for late payment and will be added per day from day 7 after invoice date. 


The penalty fees from overweight vehicles fund regular surveys/inspections of Whitney Bridge in order to manage the maintenance schedule and to pre-empt any long-term damage caused by overweight limit vehicles crossing. The Penalty is set at a level to be a deterrent in addition to cover survey costs and potential damage costs.


Ignoring the Speed Limit and Traffic signals

Whitney Bridge has a 5mph speed limit. It also operates sensor traffic lights.

As the main Whitney Bridge structure is made of greenheart and oak, the top boards, when wet, can be slippery, so speeding is extremely dangerous and could cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle. 

This is of particular consideration as the bridge is also a carriage way for cyclists and pedestrians. 

The penalty for driving over the 5mph speed limit is £50. The Penalty for crossing a red light is £50


All the toll income goes to the maintenance and running costs of the Bridge. Please enjoy it!

Schedule of fines for overweight vehicles
Toll Charges
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