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Planning for the future

The site here at Whitney Bridge has been serving the local community by offering a means of access across the river for at least a thousand years. Initially as a summer ford, then as a ferry crossing and finally as the bridge that we and generations have enjoyed for the last 250 years, Whitney Bridge is continuing to be an essential part of our heritage.

As its story develops so too does its reputation as a place of historic interest for tourists, who come to view the bridge, learn about its social and political history and to soak in the beauty of the magnificent River Wye.

In fact, in 2017 the hard work of its custodians saw Whitney Bridge earn the coveted Best Visitor Attraction award, presented by The Herefordshire Awards for Excellence.

To accommodate this increasing visitor interest, glamping pods and lodges overlooking the river and the bridge have been introduced to the camping area for 2020 along with a smart shower and toilet facility. Renovations to the Toll Cottage to create a café restaurant and visitor’s centre will commence in Autumn 2020. 

A grant from the Rural Development Programme for England has been secure to help with the cost of development.


To ensure the continued structural integrity and aesthetic charm of this lovely old bridge, an on-going maintenance schedule is adhered to, annually repairing timbers and stonework as needed, using locally sources materials and craftsmen. Toll fees alone may not sustain Whitney Bridge into the future and so business diversity will enable continued independence and financial stability for the bridge looking forward.

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