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Hay to Whitney Bridge

5 miles

2-3 Hours

Starting your journey in the historic little market town of Hay-on-Wye, just the Welsh side of the border. Famous as the town of  books and its literary festival.

Paddling through the spectacular Welsh hills, the centre of the river is the border between England and Wales, following the route of the Offa's Dyke.

This section of the river is dotted with small rapids and little islands teaming with wildlife.

On the right hand side you will pass the historic 11th century Clifford Castle, home of the Fair Rosamund, favourite of Henry II.

Whitney Bridge

Finishing your journey at the stunning 247 year old Whitney Toll Bridge.


Whitney Bridge to Turner's Boat

5 miles 2-3 hours

*subject to availability

With the backdrop of the Welsh Mountains in the distance, you paddle through the home of the famous Wye Salmon. Keep an eye out for these exceptional fish!

Starting at the historic 18th century Whitney Toll Bridge, immediately you must navigate the rapids to the left Kerner's Island. 

Clock Mills old ford and ferry crossing.

At 250m,Merbach Hill towers majestically over the river. 

Turner's boat


Finishing your journey at Turner's Boat Island.

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Hay Bridge

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