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Rules of the River

Having a great day on the river means following a few simple rules. Essential RULES when canoeing on the River Wye

  1. Wear your correctly fitted & secured buoyancy aid at ALL times.

  2. No alcohol or drugs during your canoe trip. Celebrate at the end of your trip.

  3. Children and non-swimmers should be paired in a boat with an adult swimmer.

  4. A mobile phone is an essential emergency tool. It must be in a dedicated

    waterproof pouch.

  5. Ensure you have plenty of drinking water and snacks or a picnic.

  6. Please wear appropriate clothing and have enough warm and rainproof kit as the weather dictates.

  7. Have sunblock, hats and sun-glasses as the weather dictates.

  8. Spare clothes and a towel on landing are advised.

  9. Please be mindful of the environment and respect the river, riverbank and wildlife.

  10. Do not drop litter in the water or on the banks. Please deposit in bins when you land.

  11. Look out for and avoid rocks, logs, overhanging trees and any obstacles in the river .

  12. Consider anglers, allowing plenty of space and passing them quietly.

  13. Much of the bank is privately owned and is ecologically sensitive.

    Do not stop where indicated in red on map overleaf, or where sign prohibits.

14. Please be considerate of other river users in keeping noise levels and high jinks to

      a respectful level.

At the End of Your Trip:

       Pull all your canoes off the river onto a safe area.
       Keep all your equipment together and do not leave unattended.

In an Emergency:

       Make sure you have at least one mobile phone with you. (In a dedicated                        waterproof case).

       If there is a medical emergency or rescue situation, phone the emergency                  services first: 999

       Give the emergency services our number: 01497 831669 – Then phone us.
       In the event of a damaged boat, equipment losses, delays or other problems                please phone us.

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